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Clear Polyvinyl Tubing

  • This polyvinyl tubing has excellent clarity non-toxic, non-kinking and tear resistant
  • Aquarium Tubing, CLEAR Soft, thick-wall hose 
  • Size is marked at each one-foot interval for easy measuring 
  • Inside wall is slightly undersized for tight fit 
  • Available in four sizes 

Available Sizes

Description ID OD Roll Length Weight
Polyvinyl clear tubing 5/8" 3/4" 100 FT 10 LB
Polyvinyl clear tubing 3/4" 1" 50 FT 12 LB
Polyvinyl clear tubing 1" 1 1/4" 50 FT 16 LB
Silicon Airline Tubing

  • White silicon airline tubing

  • 330 feet / roll

  • Soft, pliable tubing will not harden

  • Remains kink-resistant for long periods and blending better with aquarium decor

  • 3/16"inside dia, standard aquarium airline tubing size