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Clean-Up Venturi Driven Protein Skimmer 


CU 75 & CU 125 Venturi Driven Protein Skimmer

- For MARINE & REEF aquarium : 
          Up to 125gallon (Model# CU-125)
- Hang-on or In sump use
- Removable large waste collection cup
- Adjustable water outlet
- Gives more contact time
- Easy to adjust water level
- Real venturi injector to maintain the uniform 
  and fine air bubbles
- Lowers pollutant concentrations
- Removes dissolved organic compound
- Fully ozone compatible
- Attached air bubble elimination device to the   outlet
- Constructed with acrylic

What is a PROTEIN SKIMMER and its function?

  • A protein skimmer is a mechanical device that removes dissolved organic compounds and particles from the water by separating foam which is created by the mixing of air and salt water.
  • The dissolved organic compounds and particles make up the ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, color, turbidity, odor, B.O.D, phosphate, taste, etc in the aquarium water.  Protein skimming will remove the following pollutants from the water that are not normally removed by other forms of filtration: food particles, feces, dissolved organic material, free floating algae, silica, amino acids, phosphate, hydrocarbons, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, carbonates bicarbonates, dyes, enzymes, detergents, iodine, some of metal ions, protozoa, and bacteria.
  • It lowers pollutant concentrations before they break down into ammonia.
  • Be aware, protein foam skimming also removes valuable trace elements and nutrients.
  • However, protein foam skimming is one of the most important and useful methods to maintain a healthy environment for fish, invertebrates and coral.
  • The skimmer should be switched off for several hours after you do any of the following to your tank:
    1. Add trace elements.
    2. Add medication.
    3. Feed any suspended invertebrate food.


1. Select a location for the skimmer; in-sump or hang on tank
2. Securely install skimmer in desired location.
3. Plug in power cord of pump into the electric outlet.
WARNING: If power cord has been damaged or malfunctions, discard the pump. DO NOT attempt to repair the pump.
4. After initial operation, check for water leakage from the skimmer body and tubing. If there is any water leakage, stop skimmer operation and repair the leak or return the skimmer to the manufacturer for service.
5. Maintain water level in the column of skimmer at the water level line indicated. Adjust water level by turning the outlet valve. 


For cleaning waste collection cup 1. Disconnect power cord before any cleaning
2. Grasp skimmer body with one hand and pull the waste collection cup straight up and out with the free hand.
3. Take out the waste collected in the collection cup and remove the debris by using a soft cloth or sponge to clean the cup under running water.
4. Replace the waste collection cup.
For cleaning the inside body of skimmer 1. Disconnect power cord before any cleaning.
2. Remove the waste collection cup.
3. Remove the skimmer from the tank or sump.
4. Take out water contained in the skimmer body.
5. Clean the inside wall of skimmer body with a soft cloth or sponge under running water to remove any debris or deposit.
6. Securely re-install the skimmer by reversing steps
7. Re-plug the skimmer and continue use.


Problem Potential Solutions
Pump is not running
  • Make sure that the power cord is plugged into the electrical outlet
  • Check pump for possible overheating or electrical shortage.  If pump is suspected of overheating or has an electrical short, discard the unit and use a new pump.
  • Unplug the power cord and check the impeller for blockage by foreign objects.  If blockage is present, clean impeller, shaft and impeller housing under running water.  Reassemble impeller unit and place into pump.  Re-plug the power cord and check for proper pump operation.
Water overflow into waste collection cup
  • Check the water outlet valve to ensure it is open.
  • Check the bubble elimination sponge for clogs.  If clogs are found, clean with running water and re-install for operation.
  • Check the pump capacity
  • Ensure water level does not exceed water level line label on the skimmer
Bubbles are not sufficient to make a foam skimming and are not fine
  • Check air inlet and throat of venturi injector.  If air inlet or throat is clogged clean it and make sure air can be entered into air into without obstacle.
  • Check the pump is running properly (normally).
After installation of skimmer newly, protein skimmer seems not to work properly to make foam skimming
  • Do not worry about it.  It is normal. It will take time about 12 hours to make proper foam skimming after installation newly.
  • If there is not enough protein in the water, foam skimming will not  perform well.  This is normal.
UPC Model# Recommended  Pump Recommended Tank Size Height (Tall) Diameter Foot Print
L x W x H
10125 CU - 125 500 GPH  (SEN500) Up to 125 gal 23 "  3" 5 x 3 x 3 

1 Waste collection cup
2 Connector screw (only for CU125)
3 Outlet control valve
4 Outlet elbow
5 Air tubing
6 Hanger
7 U tube
8 Foam elimination sponge
9 Foam sponge supporter
10 Body
11 Outlet tube
12 Venturi injector
13 Foot print
14 Connector for pump
15 Pump

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