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  • SEN has manufactured with the advanced technology to provide the best quality for aquariums, fountains, ponds and Hydroponics.
  • SEN is  a very powerful and last long pump with thermal protector.
  • SEN has a single moving part construction of an impeller with magnet.  Therefore it is very easy to take off or put the part on.
  • Motor unit with electrical components are encapsulated in epoxy with seal for ensuring safe and simple operation and does not require lubrication.
  • SEN is magnetically driven centrifugal pump.   Therefore, this pump can not pull water up from a lower level 
Pond Submersible Pumps


SEN P-2600 Pond

SEN P-8000 Pond

Aquarium Pumps


SEN Mini 55 SEN Mid 75 SEN 500 SEN 600


SEN 700



SEN 65 SEN 75 SEN 150 SEN 350


SEN 550



Fountain Kits

Three Tiered Fountain Kit   Mushroom   Fountain Kit

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