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Pond Fish Net & Brush

Fish Net

  • Pond net with strong net head
  • sturdy aluminum handle with rubber hand grip
  • Makes easy maintenance work for cleaning the leaves and other floating object from your pond
  • Durable, light weight open weave mesh net
  • Heavy duty construction with rust-proof rim
  • Long 41" aluminum handle
  • Size of net: 8" diameter by 13 inches (8" x 13")
Telescoping Fish Net


  • Light weight with sturdy aluminum handle
  • Heavy duty construction with rust-proof rim
  • slip-resistant handle
  • reach to entire pond with extendable (adjustable) handle
  • Soft netting to prevent possible harm to fish
  • makes pond maintenance much easier
  • Handle can be extended up to 63" (1.6 meter)
  • Size of net: 11 inches diameter by 15 inches (11" x 15")

Small size: 20" x 6"

Large Size: 40" x 6"

  • Have a large surface area for beneficial bacteria growth
  • Works as mechanical / biological filtration
  • Can be used as pr-filter for removing debris or leaves in water
  • Can maintain smooth water flow without hindrance
  • High density brush with loop at the top for easy hanging
  • Can be used in variety of pond filter skimmer, barrel filter and any size filter box
  • Brushes can be cut down to fit you needs
  • Brush material is PP straight black color filaments with stainless steel center core
  • Very durable, easy to use and clean
  • Extends time between maintenance and next maintenance
  • Small Size: 50 cm x 150 ( 20" x 6")
  • Large Size: 100 cm x 150 (40" x 6")
Floating Pond Planter

  • The plants in the floating planters are protected from hungry koi
  • This planters can be used for the plants that can't go in pond directly
  • Planters with plants provide shad for the fishes in the pond
  • Durable, easy to use and floats well with soil and plants
  • Planters are self watering and provide a unique way to enjoy aquatic plants and other garden plants
  • Size: 4.15" x 9" x 9"



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