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Senior Pressure Pond UV Barrel Filter with 18 Watt UV Sterilizer (MD-1 UV)

  • Adopts patented adjustable diaphragm design.
  • Installed UV sterilizer (18 watt) with quartz sleeve in the barrel
  • Durable, corrosion-proof filter
  • Simple plumbing, simple operation and easy installation
  • Provides maximum flow at lower pressure drop and trouble free filtration with minimal care
  • System come with the filter tank, UV sterilizer, multi-layer form filters and bio ball and "O" ring.
  • reinforced design of stainless hoop to connect between bottom barrel and top valve part and to prevent leakage.
  • Design that height of barrel filter can be extended (adjusted) with separate barrel (sold separately)
  • Indication system that indicates the time to be eliminated waste matter from the filter


  • Pools
  • Koi ponds
  • Water gardens
  • Aqua culture
  • Aquarium (saltwater & freshwater)
  • Water filtration

, It has mechanical and biological filter system to remove solid waste and debris and cultivates beneficial bacteria to remove ammonia and nitrite into nitrates.

, It is a pressure filter system.

, It is fitted with 18 watt UV sterilizer to kill algae, harmful bacteria, fungus and parasites.

, It has indicator light to check a normal UV sterilizer operation.

, Inlet / outlet adapter accept multiple flexible hose sizes from  ̄ to 1  ̄.

, Heavy duty and water tight housing.

, Filter cleaning indicator has attached to let you know when to clean filter by backwashing.

, No need to open filter cover for cleaning foam filters. Simply follow the instruction manual

, Runs on 120 V/ 60 Hz with 3 x 18 AWG SJTW 20 Feet power cord.



, Size: ヵ 15 ̄ x 20 ̄ (H) / ヵ 380 m/m x 510 m/m 

, Weight: 17 LB

, Pond size: 1500 G/L to 2500 G/L

, Power of UV sterilizer: 18 watt (Included)

, Filter capacity: 6.3 Gallon



, Bio-balls & Foam Filters: contained in the filter basket.

, Adapter: 2 each (size  ̄ – 1  ̄)

, Silicon ^O ̄ ring: 2 each for adapter

, 1  ̄ Ball Valve: 1 each for connection to clean outlet

, Teflon tape: full 1 roll for connection of adapter & ball Valve



, No included pump. Please prepare pump to operate the filter. The pump must be connected to the water inlet pipe of the filter. It is recommended to use a pump with a discharge capacity of 650 to 2600 gallon per hour.

, Filter packed with high density strong Styrofoam to prevent breakage during shipping & dropping


How to operate senior pond pressure filter (model# MD-1UV)

Step 1:

Connect the pump to the inlet (the pipe marked pump sign) and connect ball valve (supplied) to the clean out let pipe ball valve must be closed.

Step 2: 

Connect flexile tube to the outlet pipe. The length of flexible tube must be long enough for returning the filtered water to the pond.

Step 3:

Arrow sign shown on the top part of filter must match to the work arrow sign shown at the lower part by turning clockwise top part.


Turn on the electricity for operation of filter.


How to clean pond filter


Turn off the electricity to stop operation of filter.


Arrow sign on the top part must match to the clean arrow sign shown at the lower part by turning counter clockwise top part. Then open the ball valve.

Step 3:

Turn on the electricity for operation to clean filter, after finishing filter clean operation. Return to normal operation for filtration.

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