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  • Removes chlorine
  • Makes tap water safe
  • Neutralizes heavy metals
  • Helps development of slime-coat



Item #



21116 16 oz 9600 gallons
21132 32 oz 19,200 gallons
21128 1 gal 70,400 gallons
DIRECTIONS 1. Estimate the volume of water to be treated.
2. Add 10 ml (one capful) for each 200 gallons of water.

Calculation of pond volume:
1. Square/rectangular: L x W x D x 7.5 = volume in gallons
2. Circular: R x R x 3.14 x D x 7.5 = volume in gallons
L = length W = width D = depth R= radius

MAIN FUNCTION Removes toxic chlorine instantly. All tap water contains chlorine to destroy micro-organisms and pathogenic bacteria. At low concentrations, chlorine is very effective in destroying these organisms for extended periods of time. The concentration of chlorine in tap water is over 0.2ppm. Unfortunately, this level is harmful to aquatic species. To keep aquatic species safe, chlorine should be removed by adding NO CHLORINE solution to tap water.
  1. NO CHLORINE will break down the chemical bond of chloramine, which will release ammonia in the water.
  2. If tap water contains ammonia, use NO AMMONIA to remove ammonia.
  3. If tap water contains chlorine, use NO CHLORINE solution only. This will convert chlorine into a non-toxic form.
  4. NO CHLORINE does not hinder biological filtration system.


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