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  • Reduces toxicity of ammonia
  • Removes chlorine and chloramine
  • Maintains normal gill function
  • Safe for aquatic plants and animals



Item #



22116 16 oz 480 gallons
22132 32 oz 960 gallons
22129 1 gal 3840 gallons
DIRECTIONS 1. Estimate the volume of water to be treated.
2. Add 10ml (1 capful) for each 20 gallons of water.
3. To remove high ammonia : add 3 capfuls of solution per 20 gallons of water.

Calculation of pond volume:
*Square/rectangular: L x W x D x 7.5 = volume in gallons
*Circular: R x R x 3.14 x D x 7.5 = volume in gallons L = length W = width D = depth R= radius

MAIN FUNCTION Tap water contains chlorine which destroys micro-organisms and pathogenic bacteria. The average concentration of chlorine in tap water is over 0.2 ppm. Many water treatment plants add chlorine with ammonia to form chloramine. Chloramine helps the disinfection of tap water to last longer. Unfortunately, chlorine, chloramine and ammonia are very toxic to aquatic species. These substances can damage or prevent proper gill function, and may even cause death. NO AMMONIA prevents harm to aquatic species by reducing ammonia and removing chlorine and chloramine safely from tap water.
  1. NO AMMONIA does not hinder the biological and filtration system and cycle.
  2. NO AMMONIA reduces and may remove dyes used for medication such as potassium permanganate, methylene blue and malachite green.
  3. One capful of NO AMMONIA removes up to 1ppm ammonia, 2 ppm of chloramine and 3 ppm of chlorine.
  4. NO AMMONIA can be used to remove ammonia caused by excretion of aquatic animals, dead plants, and decayed foods.
  5. Do not use an ammonia test kit based on Nessler reagents. It will show a false positive reading for ammonia. Use ammonia test kit based on salicylate reagents to test ammonia levels.


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