• 100% natural water conditioner & stabilizer
  • Clarifies cloudy water
  • Precipitates excess phosphate
  • Removes suspended particles
  • Safe for aquatic plants and animals

Item #



42116 16 oz 960 gallons
42132 32 oz 1920 gallons
42129 One Gallon 7680 gallons
DIRECTIONS: 1. Estimate the volume of water to be treated.
2. Add 10 ml (one capful) for each 20 gallons of water.
Calculation of pond volume:
1.  Square/rectangular L x W x D x 7.5 = volume in gallons
2.  Circular shape: R x R x 3.14 x D x 7.5 volume in gallons

L= length W= width D= depth R= radius


There are two broad classes of colloidal suspended materials which make water cloudy: inorganic and organic.  These colloidal pollutants can be removed through coagulation and flocculation. CLEAR H2Ois a coagulant which makes the fine colloidal particles into larger floc upon the addition of electrolytes.  The larger dense floc, resulting from this process, can be removed easily through filtration or by settling.



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