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calcium sol


  • Rapidly restores calcium

  • Enhances optimal growth

  • Will not alter pH

  • Easy to use


Item #


43008 8 oz
43016 16 oz
43032 32 oz
43128 1 gallon
DIRECTIONS To stabilized calcium level: add one teaspoon (5 ml) calcium sol twice a week for every 10 gallons of water.  Dosage may be increased or decreased according to aquatic organism load.


MAIN FUNCTION Calcium is an important element in the ocean.  Many marine organisms such as corals, fish, invertebrates and algae need calcium to utilize the formation of hard skeletons, bones, tissues, and shells. Calcium also enhances their optimal growth.  Aquatic organisms are continuously absorbing calcium to help keep them in good condition.  Therefore calcium must be replaced (supplied) as much as it is being consumed.  calcium solrestores the needed calcium for aquatic organisms without increasing pH. 


  1. Test calcium level with Won Calcium Test Kit before adding calcium solto aquarium.
  2. Keep calcium level (Ca++) between 400 ppm to 450 ppm.
  3. calcium soldoes not raise carbonate hardness.  Use Won  Alkali Buffer if you need to raise carbonate hardness in your system.
  4. Depending on organism load,  unsupplemented tanks may lose between 20 to 30 ppm of calcium every week.
  5. One teaspoons (5ml) of calcium solwill increase 5ppm of calcium level for every 10 gallons of water.


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