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G12 Pin Type : Single Ended

General Information of Metal Halide Light


  • Metal halide lamps are the most intense form of lighting in maintaining a successful marine, invertebrate, reef aquariums. They are extremely powerful and usually prove to be very successful. 
  • Replace bulbs every 8 to 12 months to maintain maximum efficiency
  • The metal halide light has an excellent color rendering and a very high lumen output.
  • An ultraviolet screen of filter will be needed to protect the species in the aquarium from ultraviolet light that is produced from metal halide lamps.
  • A chiller can be used to offset any temperature gains
  • Depending on the types of invertebrates, the depth of the aquarium and the spectrum of the lighting the amount of light needed will vary from minimum of 1.5 watts /gallon to maximum of 6 watts / gallon for reef tanks.  
  • For example, small polyp stony coral, such as Acropora need strong light that is provided by a high temperature (kelvin) metal halide light.

Product Feature

  • Power cord with quick disconnection from ballast to hood (fixture)
  • Independent ON / OFF control of ballast
  • 15 feet long heavy duty lamp cord
  • Included 150 watts, 14000K blue spectrum to eliminate the use of fluorescent blue actinic.
  • UL approved ballast
  • 150 watt G12 single ended H.Q.I metal halide bulb that can increase the penetrating power of the lamp (The lumen of the focus is equal to 400 watt metal halide lamp)
  • UV absorbing tempered lens
  • Rust proof aluminum hood
  • Easy to adjust height and angle
  • Very shine 15 rust proof reflector
  • Available of 150 watt, 20000 K of G12 (upon request)

Bulbs (G12 type) for ZHON-VIT M.H Lighting

  • 14000 K Coral Plus: 14000 K coral blue is our standard marine tube.  These were specifically designed for growth sps corals down to a depth of 800 mm. This concentration of light energy ( actinic, range peaking at 460 mm) is essential for the survival and good health of fish, corals and invertebrates in marine and reef aquariums.

  1. Blue actinic light

  2. Provide the specific spectrum (400 - 480 mm) for zooxanthellae symbiosis to develop

  3. Essential for the survival and good health of marine and reef aquarium.

  • 20000K Deep Ocean Blue:  20000K deep ocean blue emits high levels of actinic light with emitting the UV-A, which creates a very pleasant fluorescent effect on corals, invertebrates and exotic marine fish.

  1. More blue actinic light

  2. Re-creates fluorescent effect brilliantly

  3. UVA creates fluorescence

  4. Promotes growth of invertebrates.

Information about G 12 (14000 K)

Power 150 watt
Kelvin (color temp) 14000K
Color rendering index (CRI) 85
Average life 6000 hours
Volts 102 volt
Base type G12
Total length of bulb (from to the top of bulb to the end of pin) 3 3/4" (95 mm)
Bulb type T 7
Luminous flux 21655 lm
On-current  2.22 A

Bulbs & Ballast  

16151 Remote ballast for single unit 150 watt (can be used for MH or HPS)

14151 G 12 pin type lamp 150 watt, 14000 K

20151 G 12 pin type lamp 150 watt, 20000K
14252 Double ended lamp: 250 watt, 14000 K
20252 Double ended lamp: 250 watt, 20000 K
14152 Double ended lamp: 150 watt, 14000 K
20152 Double ended lamp: 150 watt, 20000 K
11124 H.O Fluorescent lamp, T5 Actinic blue, 24 wt
11139 H.O Fluorescent lamp, T5 Actinic blue, 39 wt
11154 H.O Fluorescent lamp, T5 Actinic blue, 54 wt

Other Parts

16152 Round UV 001 Glass RUG-1
16153 Reflector (15) RF-1
16154 Ceramic socket for metal halide bulb (G12 type) CS-G12
16155 Bolt to fix flame for reflector BT-1
16156 Hanging wire HW-2


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