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Pro-Heat Titanium Heating Elements

All the titanium heating tubes must be used with temperature controller.  It can't be used alone without temperature controller.  The titanium heating tube and controller can be used with 115 volt / 60 hz.  The temperature controller turns On and OFF the titanium heating tube to maintain temperature that has been preset by setting mode of temperature controller.  Pro-Heat titanium heating tubes are very reliable.  However, we recommend to use two or small (low) wattage heating tube rather than one large (higher) wattage heating tube.  In case of failure, this method can prevent severe temperature drop.

We have a two kinds of titanium heating tubes (HT type and EHT type).  HT type of titanium heating tube has a red heating indicator light that is illuminated when heating tube apply heat to water.  This is a heavy duty and very reliable heating tube.  EHT type of titanium heating tube does not  has a heating indicator light.  This is low wattage and economic one.  But it is also reliable either.  We have many different wattage heating tubes that suit your needs.


With heating indicator light With heating indicator light Without  heating indicator light
HT 500 watt with 20 feet cord HT type heating tube has a red indicator light when heater apply heat to water indicator light will be illuminated EHT 250 with 6 feet cord

Caution:  The titanium heater is for main glass aquarium tank use only.  Do not use the titanium heating tube in an acrylic sump tank (wet / dry trickle filter tank) of designed module tank.


  • High quality titanium element

  • Double heating tube structure

  • Grounded cable

  • Titanium heating tube offers an excellent chemical resistance in saltwater or freshwater

  • Heating tube power cable (3 prong)  length: 6 feet (72"), 10 feet (120"), 20 feet (240") heavy duty cable.

  • Heating tube unit is a submersible completely

  • Heating tube unit can be mounted either vertically or horizontally

  • Heavy duty heat and shock resistance.

  • Unbreakable corrosion resistance heating tube

  • Water proof construction

  • Fast heating durable and reliable

  • Heating tube with heating indicator light (HT type) or without heating indicator light (EHT type)

  • Ideal for aquarium, pond, electro plating, industrial field

Available Titanium Heating Tubes Sizes

EHT 250 :

Without heating indicator light

HT 500C :

With heating indicator light



Volt / Hz

Heating indicator light

Power cord length

Dimension  ( x Length)


250 watt

115 V / 60 Hz


6 feet

19 m/m x 275 m/m (3/4 x10 )


500 watt

115 V / 60 Hz


20 feet

19 m/m x 290 m/m (3/4 x 11 7/16)

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