• Concentrated solution
  • Chelated
  • Eliminates External Parasites
    - O odinium (velvet)
    - Ich (white spot)
  • Reduces Algae
TYPE: Eliminate external parasites and algae
AVAILABLE SIZES: 2 oz.    :    over 600 gallons
4 oz     :    over 1200 gallons
8 oz     :    over 2400 gallons
16 oz   :    over 4800 gallons
  1. Discontinue carbon or chemical  filtration
  2. Add 1 ml. of BLUE-COPPER solution per 10 gallons of water the first day.
  3. On the third day add 1 ml. per 20 gallons of aquarium water.
MAIN FUNCTION: Eliminate external parasites such as O odinium(velvet), ich (white spot) and reduce algae
  1. Remove all invertebrates from tank before adding BLUE-COPPER.
  2. Copper ions will be removed from water be various factors, precipitation, binding and adsorption.  Therefore tests of the copper level should be done every other day with WON COPPER TEST KIT and add any missing copper to the aquarium water.
  3. Keep the copper level between 0.15 to 0.2 ppm for 21 days.   Maximum 0.3 ppm, do not over dose.
  4. BLUE-COPPER produce about 0.15 ppm of copper per 10 gallons of aquarium water.
CAUTIONS: For aquarium use only. Do not use for human, veterinary purposes.   Keep out of reach of children.  Not for small fry or fish less than 1/2 inches.  Avoid contact with eyes  and skin.  In case of contact with skin, flush area with running water for at least  15 minutes.  In case of contact with eyes, seek immediate medical attention.

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