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  • Delivers beneficial and essential elements to nitrifying bacteria
  • Establishes a heavy duty load of nitrifying bacteria to enable greater fish capacity
  • Prevents new tank syndrome
  • Fish not required for cycling
AVAILABLE SIZES            Item #                       Size             
26002 2 oz
26004 4 oz
26008 8 oz
26016 16 oz

*For new tanks

  1. Add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of NO PARAICH F solution per 5 gallons of aquarium water.
  2. Add (seed) nitrifying bacteria solution or powder to water which NO PARAICH F was added.
  3. Run the filter system until ammonia and nitrite levels drop below the detectable range.
  4. Change 3/4 of water to remove the nitrate level in aquarium water.
  5. Add fish according to maximum starting animal load.
  1. NO PARAICH F provides inorganic nitrogen and other essential elements which allows nitrifying bacteria to grow in optimal conditions.
  2. NO PARAICH F is designed to provide heavy duty nitrifying bacteria on the filter media.  Therefore, the biological filter will be able to handle the increased biological load in the aquarium.
  3. By following these directions, NO PARAICH Fcan prevent new tank syndrome which causes ammonia and nitrite poisoning.
  4. If you use NO PARAICH F, it is not necessary to use fish to feed new colonies of nitrifying bacteria. The use of fish is suitable for relatively small tanks, in which biological loads are stable and small.
  5. Use Won Bact Seed to add nitrifying bacteria into aquarium water.

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