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Mesh Bag with Zipper


4 mm hole size White Mesh Bag

4 mm hole size of Black Mesh Bag

2 mm Black Mesh bag with zipper

2 mm hole white & black mesh bags with zipper

Mesh bag with Zipper

1.5 mm hole White & Black Mesh bags with zipper


It is made of high quality polyester.  Its special structure make sure the water flows freely.  It can help you to put in a different kinds of filter materials - ceramic bio rings, ceramic bio balls, plastic bio balls, activated carbon, zeolite, volcanic stone and peat etc...- in your filter system of aquarium or pond.  It is durable and easy for cleaning.  This mesh bag with zipper makes for easy closing and opening when you fill and replace filter materials.  This reusable filter mesh bag cut down your time and effort for your filter maintenance.

Available Sizes:
Mesh bag size Hole size Color  
7" x 10" 1.5 mm White

7" x 10" 1.5 mm Black

6" x12" 1.5 mm White

13" x 17" 2 mm White

11" x 13" 4 mm White

11" x 13" 4 mm Black

11" x 16" 4 mm Black

13" x 17" 4 mm Black



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