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Pro Activated Carbon

The Function of Pro Activated Carbon:
Pro Activated Carbon is an effective and reliable activated carbon filter media.  The huge surface area of activated carbon gives it countless bending sites.  Won Pro Activated Carbon eliminates dissolved organic wastes, odors and discoloration from aquarium water.  It is recognized as an effective and reliable media in removing carbon based impurities (organic chemical).  Pro Activated Carbon works by absorbing organic impurities through a chemical reaction.  It works up to as much as twice as fast when compared as to fast as other activated carbon brands.  When absorbing something, it attached to it by chemical attraction.  When all of the bending sites are filled, an activated carbon filter stops working.  At this time, the filter must be replaced.  Highly porous surface area to promote beneficial bacterial growth.


  • Removes dissolved organic wastes, odors and discoloration from aquarium water
  • Phosphate free
  • Faster working & long lasting compared to other brands of activated carbon
  • Safe for use in both freshwater & saltwater aquarium tanks
How to use Pro Activated Carbon:
  • Use 1/2 cup of Pro Activated Carbon per 40 gallons of aquarium water
  • If the tank contains higher organics, you will need more activated carbon
  • For best results, more carbon works faster and last long
  • The best solution is to replace the Won Pro Activated Carbon Monthly
Available Sizes
  • 1 LB (with 1 of zipper mesh bag)
  • 2 LB (with 2 of zipper mesh bags) 
  • 5.5 LB (with 3 of zipper mesh bags)
  • 55 LB bag (bulk)


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