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Micro Electronic Titanium Chiller


  • Unique compact design

  • Effective and energy saving with high quality electronic chip

  • Double function : Chill and Heat

  • Low noise and environment friendly

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to clean air filter

  • Very quiet and low vibration

  • Ideal chiller and heater for freshwater, saltwater

How to set the desired temperature

  1. Turn ON the switch at the right side wall of the chiller housing.  At that time controller window will show the temperature (This is the present temperature).

  2. Push the set button.  Push p (to increased temperature) or q (to decrease temperature) button to set your desired temperature.

  3. Setting had been done.  Then wait for a while.  The present water temperature will be shown automatically.

How to rectify

  1. Push set button for 10 second.

  2. Controller window will show CA

  3. Push p or q to rectify the temperature difference.  The maximum range for rectification is 4C.  According to your desired rectification, it can be variety.  Ex) 0.2 or 0.4 or 0.6


  • Green color is for Chilling mode

  • Red color is for heating mod

  • If you want to check the setting temperature, push set button once.  Your setting temperature will be shown at the window of controller.

  • Shift between chilling and heating mod is required the time interval of 2 minutes.

Performance data


130 watt
Volt, Hz 115 volt, 60 Hz
Refrigerating Capacity 85 watt
Max. water volume 20 gallon
Dimension 210 mm x 250 mm x 180 mm
Pump outflow Max. 300 gallon
Weight 13 LB

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