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Ceramic Air Stones

  • Fired at very high temperature (1300C) to create a very strong and long lasting air stone.
  • Uniform size pores produce even airflow and superior oxygenation.
  • Does not corrode or dissolve like sand air stones.
  • Structurally  sound and impact resistant.
  • Requires less air pressure for proper operation.
  • Can be used in freshwater or salt water.
  • Reusable with proper maintenance.
Flat Type High Pressure Ceramic Air Stone (DY 101)


Advantage of backflow prevent (Check Valve): It prevents this air stone from inflow of the water when you stop use it.  There is no damaged due to freeze and burst when you use it again.  And you don't need to increase the pressure to let the water out in the stone.


  • The fisheries culture :
    For high density fish farm. For conveyance of live fish by transportation facilities (truck, ferry, plane etc). For temporary live fish depository.
  • Waste water treatment :
    Oxygen injection for reduction BOD and COD in the river, large and small ponds.
  • Pond
Product Feature:
  • Excellent gas transfer (Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide)
  • Fine bubble size: between 100 to 400 microns
  • High pressure operating range:  22 PSI (1.5 Kg / cm2)  -  36.7 PSI (2.5 kg / cm2)
  • Slime design
  • Strong point of the plastic flame.  
  • No Rust
  • This is already equipped with Check Valve
  • Oxygen consumption is low and fusion rate is high because of an air bubble that these products produce is minute between 100 to 400 microns. (typically more than 40% over recommended operating range and  1 meter depth)
  • The flat design minimizes rising air bubble coalescence.
  • Installing the backflow preventer to prevent countercurrent. 
  • As made from nonpoisonous materials in a particular method of construction, it is safe for aquaculture use.
  • The slim design does not hinder netting of fish and minimizes injury.
  • As the thin profile can be fastened down and far from surface, oxygen fusion rate is high
  • It is a ceramic type made of special material at 1300C
  • Porous, no corrosion and no abrasion
Instruction on its use: 
  • Before you use, immerse the air stone deeply in the water twice or three time for a short time, connect to the air hose, set it horizontally and then slowly set the proper pressure to the desired level.  There will be a small delay before the air stone responds to flow adjustments.  Please wait for a while until it works.
  • Do not increase the pressure when the jetting volume decrease due to impurities on the air stone.  Dry it and scrub the surface with the rough brush, scrubber or sandpaper (#60) till the grime is removed.
  • If there is not regular air  jetting from air stones despite of an above method, please clean with chemicals
  • Please layer two tissues and put them on the ceramic part of the air stone.  Wet the tissues with chlorine bleach for home use and let it be in this condition for 5 - 10 minutes.  Remove the tissues and clean the air stone with fresh water.  You can use it.
  • It can be used longer with good efficiency if you clean the surface of the air stone regularly.
  • Clean it thoroughly it you don't use it for a long time (You must remove salt with fresh water after you use it in the sea water).  Please dry it up and keep it the shade.
  • Avoid physical impact and shock
  • When it use again after keeping for a long time and / or the hose is filled with the water, please check and clean the backflow preventer as the hole may be clogged with sludge of the existing tube.
The flow rate per operating pressure measured only ceramic stone part and when adjust valve (needle valve or flow meter) to control flow, the input pressure of gauge should add 1.0 kg/cm2 to the jetting volume of air stone.  That is because the valve controls the jetting volume while the pressure diminishes.  Do not use this air stones over 4.0 kg/cm2

*** 1kg / cm2 = 14.7 PSI,  1.5 kg / cm2 = 22 PSI,  2.0 kg / cm2 = 29.4 PSI,  2.5 kg / cm2 = 36.75 PSI

Item # DY 101 A DY 101 B DY 101 C DY 101 D
Case size (inch) 26 3/4" x 3 3/8" 14 3/4" x 3 3/8" 10 13/16" x 3 3/8" 6 7/8" x 3 3/8"
Case size (mm) 680 x85 376 x 85 276 x 85 176 x85
Stone size (inch) 23 5/8" 2 3/4" 11 13/16" 2 3/4" 7 7/8" x 2 3/4" 4" x 2 3/4"
Stone size (mm) 600 x 60 300 x 60 200 x 60 100 x 60
Weight (kg) 2.00 1.00 0.75 0.40
Flow rate ( L / min) 2.00 - 8.00 1.00 - 4.00  0.70 - 2.75 0.35 - 1.38
Operating pressure 2.0 - 3.0 kg/cm2 ( This figure is added 0.5 kg/ cm2 for check valve)
Aluminum Oxide Low Pressure Ceramic Air Stone (DY102)

B    F       G

UPC Size (inch) Size (mm) Jetting Volume Model#
14211 7 7/8" Φ x 2 1/16" H 200Φ x 27 H 20 L/ min DY102A
14212 2" x 12" L 300L Φ50 20 L / min DY102B
14216 2" x 6" L 150L Φ50 10 L / min DY102F
14217 1.5" x 9" L 170L Φ40 10 L / min DY102G

Application: Fish farm, Large live fish tank, Ozone generator, water treatment, plaiting.

Product Features: As it is ceramic products made by high temperature 1300C with the pure oxidizing aluminum, it has many pores with an accurate uniformity and that anticorrosion to the oxides, sea water and ozone.


Cylinder Type Ceramic Air Stone (W 103)

UPC Size (inch) Size ( mm) Jetting Volume Model#
14311 1.2"Φ x 5.2" Cylinder type Ceramic air stone 130 x 30Φ 2.0 L/ min DY103A
14312 1.2" Φ x 4.2" Cylinder type Ceramic air stone 105 x 30Φ 1.5 L/ min DY103B
14313 1.2"Φ x 3.2" Cylinder type Ceramic air stone 80 x 30Φ 1.0 L/ min DY103C
14317 0.6"Φ x 2.8" Cylinder type Ceramic air stone 70 x 15Φ 0.6 L / min DY103G
14318 0.6"Φ x 1.2" Cylinder type Ceramic air stone 30 x 15Φ 0.5 L/ min DY103H
Application: Large / small live fish tank at fish farm, ornamental fish, ozone generator, medical equipments.

Product Features: It is ceramic products made with special material at high temperature 1300C.  Many pores and correct and no corrosion and friction loss.  Long life and strong against shock.  Bubbles is minute, so oxygen supply is good


Disk Type Ceramic Air Stone (DY104)
UPC # Size (inch) Size (mm) Jetting Volume Model#
14411 5 3/16"Φ x 3/4" 132Φ x 19 (H) 2.0 L / min DY104A
14412 4 3/16"Φ x 3/4" 107Φx 19 (H) 1.2 L /min DY104B
14414 4 3/16"Φ x 3/4" Add 7% Tourmaline 107Φ x 19 (H) 1.2 L / min DY104D
Product Features Instruction Tourmaline
  • It is ceramic products made with special material at high temperature 1300C

  • Many pores and correct and no corrosion and friction loss

  • Long lasting and strong against shock

  • Bubble is minute, so oxygen supply is good

  • It is possible to us for ozone


  • To immerse the dispersion tool in water for short time.
  • To connect to air hose and set it horizontally.
  • It can be used longer with good sufficiency if you clean the surface of dispersion tool often


  • DY104D air stone contains 7% tourmaline which has a synergistic effect on the human body.  And product anti-oxidation and negative ions also far infrared rays.
  • This also helps control the green algae growth in most fresh water fish tanks.


Ball Type Ceramic Air Stone (W 105)

UPC# Size (inch) Size (mm) Jetting volume Model#
14511 2"Φ 50Φ 1.0 L / min DY105A
14512 1.6"Φ 40Φ 1.0 L / min DY105B
14513 1.3"Φ 32Φ 0.8 L / min DY105C
14514 1"Φ 25Φ 0.6 L / min DY105D
14515 0.6"Φ 20Φ 0.4 L / min DY105E
Bar Type Ceramic Air Stone (DY106)
  • Square Bar type ceramic air stone

  • New concept design using ABS high impact plastic for superior strength and reliability.

  • Layering effect produces even airflow and superior oxygenation.

  • Will not corrode and break apart like sand air stones.

  • Can be used in freshwater or saltwater.



Item# Size (mm) Jetting Volume
DY 106C 170L 15 0.5 ℓ/min
Flexible Rubber Air Diffuser (W 107)
  • Flexible design allows placement in hard to reach areas

  • Easy to hide

  • Bendable to create many interesting shapes and patterns

  • Easy to clean

  • Produces an attractive curtain of air

  • 6 different models with 0.4" diameter

  • Sinks itself to the bottom of aquarium

  • Can be used in freshwater or saltwater


14710 48" 1200 2.8 L / min DY107AA
14711 36" 900 2.0 L / min DY107A
14712 30" 750 1.7 L / min DY107B
14713 24" 600 1.4 L / min DY107C
14714 18" 450 1.0 L / min DY107D
14715 12" 300 0.6 L / min DY107E
Disk Type Air Stones (W 108)


  • High quality ceramic air stone.

  • Long lasting use with cleaning repeatedly.

  • Ideal for freshwater and saltwater aquarium

  • Helps release carbon dioxide build up

  • Increase surface agitation in aquarium, ponds and hydroponic nutrient tank & system

UPC# Size Volume of Air Model#
14813 4" X 0.65" 2.0 L / min W108C
14814 3.2" X 0.65" 1.6 L /min W108D
14815 2.4" X0.65" 1.2 L / min W108E

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