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Net-Dip: Clean Fish Net



Keep clean fish net for healthy aquarium

Special Note:
  • This Net Dip contains benzalkonium chloride that is cationic surfactant disinfectant.
  • Benzakonium chloride kills many fungi, bacteria and viruses.
  • Pathogens can be spread from one aquarium to another through contaminated nets, unwashed hand and unwashed equipments.
  • Prior to use nets after dipping, rinse off nets throughly to remove residue which can be toxic to fish.
  • Nets should be disinfected always after use.
  • Net dip should be filled to allow complete submersion of the net with the portion of the handle that may be submerged during use.
  • This NEP-DIP can be used to sterilize equipments, plants and rocks for decoration and aquariums. 
  • After sterilizing, rinse off them with plain water 
Add 5 ml of NET-DIP solution to the one gallon of water for disinfecting nets and mix it well.


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